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Jan 18, 10 1:56 PM
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Jan 17, 10 11:47 PM
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Welcome to the home of the Casino de Isthmus Guild Site.

General Information:

As Goblins we have always been researching new ways to incorporate gambling into the World of Warcraft without spamming trade channels.  Thats why here on this website you can find all the information about our casino, how it runs, and how you can win big.

First to be eligible to play, you must have a Horde character located on the US - Vashj Server.

Our casino is located inside Thunder Bluff in the Northeast most hut on the Spirit Rise. The location of our operations are subject to change. Notice will be posted prior to such an event. For more help on locating our casino you can contact us directly on our private chat channel.  To access the chat channel, open your chat window and add a custom chat channel. Name the channel Isthmus, and set the password as Isthmus. After you do this, you may interact with any other player or guild member presently on. 

Our casino will be running between the hours of 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PST) on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  After expansion we hope to be open for longer periods of time, with multiple locations. 

Lastly and most importantly, we have a strict policy for our games. As we will strive to be in business for many years, there will be no scamming tolerated by any game players or guild members. Any player caught trying to cheat the system will be banned from our games in the future. We hope that everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time which is most important.


Our first and most original dice game involves multiple players. Each player gives the Game Master a certain amount of Gold. Then the players rolls the dice to see who wins the pot. The more players there are, the more money that can be won! The casino will take a 10% rake on all winnings. Different game masters may offer games for different amounts of gold. For example you could play at one table for 50S, and another table for 1G. After that the cost to play raises to 5G, 10G, and 25G.

A more common dice game we offer involves playing against the house. You may bet any amount you like, and receive up to 5 times the amount you put in. Winnings are determined as follows:
1 - 50 = Lose
51 - 75 = Money Back
76 - 95 = 2x Your Money Back
96 - 99 = 3x Your Money Back
100 = 5x Your Money Back

This game does not accept bets over 1000G

In this game players can purchase wrapped gifts from Gift Masters. Each Gift Master will have different values for their gifts. For example there will be a Gift Master with gifts selling for 5G each. Some of these gifts could be superior gear, or even a Frostweave Bag, while other gifts could be random items of little use. This game could be closely related to "Scratchers" in the real world.

Other gifts may be:

This game consists of guessing a number between 1 - 100. Then if you roll that number you receive 50x your money back. While this is a "Long Shot" orcs have been known for putting it all on the line for this one. Maximum bet for this game is 100G.
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G-Trade, Jan 18, 10 1:56 PM.
We are working on developing a prize system. Keep checking this page to see more updates in the future.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

G-Trade, Jan 17, 10 11:47 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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